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Business cards - Bring your Business Card to Life with Augmented Reality

Bring your Business Card to Life with Augmented Reality

Some people think it’s about time we throw our business cards away and start fully adapting to today’s digital world. For others, there is just no reason anymore to cling to them since, as they would say, there are better, quicker, and more stable ways to connect. It doesn’t matter if exchanging business cards, which were earlier known as trade cards, is a centuries-long tradition. For these people, the practice has now become useless.

But has it really? Are we at a point when responding to the rapid changes brought by technology means doing away with the swapping of cards? Maybe those who suggested putting an end to the exchanging of cards have not heard the exciting opportunities augmented reality (AR) brings to the table. This live digitally-filtered look at the physical world leads the somehow age-old tradition to a new course, that which stands witness to the wonders of integrating both print and digital technologies.

Augmented reality takes on some various forms nowadays and is becoming one of the hippest and most innovative trends the world is experiencing. Computer generated enhancements like graphics, audio, and video are available in real time to augment actual materials at a tap of your screen. AR has brought innovative ideas to life for more than fifty years now. And with the proliferation of smartphones, app development, and stronger connectivity’s, ingenious ideas on how we see things in the world, the kind dominating science fiction, are now closer to becoming a reality. So now, with just minimal costs, people can turn their outdated business cards into smart cards through augmented reality.

The conversion of your old cards into smart ones with an AR feature is a rather easy process for users. The only thing one really needs to do is install one of the apps available that allow people to download a code image which they can scan using their smartphones. Augment, ZapWorks, and Layar are examples of apps that can help anyone create interactive prints, and in a broader sense bring print and digital closer. The popularity of an app also greatly influences the number of people scanning your card’s augmented reality code.

From your part, you can just print an indicator on your card to invite people or your potential clients to scan the code using the app you have chosen. In an instant, users will be able to watch what you have prepared on your card about yourself or your business. Using animation, audio, or a pre-recorded video, you can provide a more detailed introduction of what you do straight out of your card, despite the limitations you get from a three by two inches of paper.

Here are some reasons why it’s a great idea to hold onto your business cards and just update them instead to convey information through augmented reality.

AR cards are economical

You need not pay for anything since all AR content are stored in the cloud, and there are a lot of applications available online that are free to download and install. You just have to spend time and a bit of effort in conceptualizing the kind of augmented reality you want to create. The apps will help you add the AR codes or images on your design logo or whichever part of the card you want people to scan. What also makes this move cost-effective is you can turn your existing cards into smart AR cards by just adding a sticker on it which users will scan. If you are creating new cards, then you can simply integrate the codes into your design.


You can do a business pitch right out of your card

There are not that many people who will make an extra effort to check your business online, especially if you haven’t made quite an impression on them. But in today’s age where most people can no longer live even just an hour away from their phones, chances are they’d rather give your card a quick scan to see witness a bit of augmented reality. So with smart cards, you get to present, rather creatively, to potential clients an introduction, your sales pitch, and the kind of products and services you offer.

Interactive and innovative create an impression

Being a relatively new concept, integrating augmented reality to your print cards will grab the attention and pique would-be customers’ interest in what you do for business. Because of the interactive and innovative way of introducing yourself and your brand or company, you get to create an impact on people viewing your card. It is also highly likely that your smart card will leave a positive impression and will help them better in remembering you and your trade.


You can convey a load of info

As mentioned earlier, using AR will let you pack a great deal of information in just a small piece of card. The actual size of the card will no longer be a limitation for you since you can digitally convey further details without sacrificing your print. Without any scanning, people will find just a regular card without crammed texts and overwhelming design – although this will still depend on you as the rightful card owner.

Business cards may be regarded by many people as an outdated, meaningless, and almost impractical way of communicating in a world that thrives in digital technology. Despite being an essential and tangible part of a tradition in business that lasted for hundreds of years now, some no longer see the point in continuing this practice.

Instead of going solely either print or digital, what people need to do is work a combination of both technologies. With the increasing popularity of and an advancement in AR, business cards can revolutionize into an informative, and more interesting business presentation people can watch anytime anywhere. Indeed, AR can bring life to your print.


Author’s Bio

Earl Jonathan Tech is the founder of PrintMeister, one of the newest online companies offering printing services including business card printing in Australia. His work focuses mainly on marketing and merchandising, but he writes on his spare time.

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