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Company Profile Design

The Next New Trends in Company Profile Design

Company Profile Design

A company profile refers to concise business-related content that’s in a printed or PDF format that can easily be printed out or emailed over to potential clients, suppliers etc. You can think of it almost as an extended business card that presents the company’s goals, purpose and achievements.

The design of a company profile can really make or break that first impression, and we all know how vital first impressions are! Company profiles should be bold, eye-catching and innovative. New strategies and trends are popping up all the time but below are some of the hot new trends we’ve observed in 2017 that should continue to flourish this year!


Simplicity is a design trend we see in both fashion and interior design, and for good reason! Taking a simplistic approach makes the whole brochure easy on the eyes and the reader is more likely to be kept captivated than if they were presented with a messy or complicated design. The simplicity trend incorporates crisp, clean lines and just the right amount of content. This keeps the company’s message clear and to the point, leaving readers with a long-lasting impression. Sometimes less really is more.

Custom Illustrations

Let’s face it: stock photos can be cheesy and boring. An emerging trend that we’ve seen in company profile design is the use of custom illustrations and icons. This adds a unique element to the content and it shows that extra care and effort has been taken in the design. Getting custom illustrations done can be a good way for a company to collaborate with a local digital artist and the imagery can often be re-used for the company’s website or adverts. And of course you’ll have the peace of mind that competitors are not using similar images.

Meet the Team

Previously movers and shakers within companies were kept in the background, but a new trend in transparency is all about introducing the core team to the public. More and more company profiles have a whole page dedicated to meeting the team and many teams and top employees are often introduced with bios and photos on the very first page. This gives customers trust in the company as they can see there are real people behind it and there is accountability.


Bright and bold use of colour is set to be a trend for a range of design spheres for 2018. Think of the bold use of colour by big brands like Instagram and Spotify and their colourful branding. The expected use of colour also comes from 2018’s colour of the year: a vibrant purple announced by Pantone. Pantone, colour experts, also expect to see they continued use of iridescent colours in branding.

Whatever steps you decide to take to create or simply enhance your company profile design, make sure you think them through carefully before making any major decisions. Keep in mind the design of your company profile should give just enough information for clientele to be intrigued but not overwhelmed. While all the trends are good guidelines, it’s imperative that companies stay true to their purpose and authentic personality in their design.

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