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Magento eCommerce Website Development

Magento…..what can we say….. Jenny from Beach and Beyond approached us looking for an online shopping solution for her high-end range of bikinis and other beach going accessories. At the time the eCommerce platforms that were available to us were pretty thin and left much to be desired based on the client’s requirements. There were many bugs in the platform we were making use of at the time and decided to try a new platform to get the job done…. I’m not so sure we made the best choice, deciding to use a Magento eCommerce website development strategy.
The setup of this project was a headache from the get-go, firstly trying to learn a new system took a great deal of time and reading, then just to do the smallest things required us to tinker with the code. At every stop we found ourselves tinkering with code to get things done. I understand that this system is good in its own “more technical” way, but we just found the system way too complicated and hard to make use of.
Adding products with variables proved to be a tedious exercise to say the least, I won’t get into the boring details. Anyway we managed to get the site up and running, and have not made use of the Magento software again, as it proves just too much for clients to manage when there are easier eCommerce platforms out there nowadays like Woocommerce.
Anyway, we still learned a lot going through the motions, but cost wise and time wise this proved to be a system that is just too expensive for our clientele to take on.

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