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Website Revamp


Another website revamp project 🙂 We love them.


Lance from Skinny Pasta approached us with an old website that needed to be completely revamped from the ground up. We gave it some TLC and came up with a concept that he loved off the bat! This project needed to be done on a very tight deadline, if I can remember correctly we managed to get it done in under 2 weeks from start to finish.


Skinny Pasta’s website revamp was a little different than most of the websites we have done before, besides it beeing a simple website with minimal features we had to integrate the PayFast order form directly into a pop-up module, this proved to be a bit of a headache! A headache that we brought upon ourselves admittedly, but we wanted to really wow Lance with something a little different that would make ordering on his website a bit more interactive than what it used to be. We accepted our own challenge and got the job done. If you place an order for their ZERO CARB pasta on their website you will see the functionality we are referring too.



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