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We design and develop websites for companies all over the country, and have serviced some overseas companies too. So why would we not offer web design Cape Town?
RSG Glass got hold of us through another online marketing platform we were making use of at the time, and wanted to get started on their project asap! We first started with a slight revamp on their logo and then moved onto the website design. These clients were old school, and had been in business for over 20 odd years and never had the need for a website, until they started looking into the overseas market. They then realised how a website would help establish their brand over seas, as that is the first bench mark potential clients measure your company against. If you have not invested in a website (a good one at that) that will display your company and services and post projects how can you expect a potential client to take you seriously? Ok maybe that’s a little harsh, but there is no measuring stick, and no way of forming a trust bond with a potential before you even speak to them.
Remember the point of a website? It’s to be your salesman that never sleeps and or complains. It should be one of your companies best assets.
RSG are our favorite clients in Cape Town, they really grasped onto the concept of the website and knew what they wanted. They didn’t shy away from investing in SEO to rank their website and to get extra leads every month.

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