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 Website Revamp

We were approached by Wildside Magazine a while ago, they needed a website revamp urgently. We didn’t think much of it as every client needs their website design completed “urgently”, so we met with them and discussed their needs. Only to find out that their website requirements were pretty extensive…..and we only had 2 weeks to complete it!
We didn’t think it would be possible considering how much work needed to be done, but we took the project on and accepted the challenge. At Weblab we take deadline’s very seriously and we started working immediately. After 2 weeks of long hours and tweaking we finally managed to wrap up their website revamp within the 2 week deadline.
Features include:

  1. Blog management software
  2. Interactive social media feeds
  3. Advertising allocation and management
  4. Custom forms

Another successful website design completed by Weblab.

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