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Social Media Engagement marketing Strategies that Actually Work

Social Media Engagement Strategies that Actually Work

Having an engaged audience on social media means having a following that is truly interested in your brand, and will show their interest by liking, sharing and commenting on the content that you post. That’s the dream, right?

But even if you are a trustworthy brand that is posting high-quality content, it can be difficult for organic engagement to take off. To help you along, Weblab has searched the internet for some of the best social media marketing engagement strategies to help absorb your following.

#1. Instagram Pods

An Instagram pod is an Instagram group chat, made up of like-minded business profiles or individual profiles, who all want to up their engagement. It works by group members posting links to their recent posts onto the group, and everyone on the group liking and commenting on the post. The more likes and comments on a post, the higher your post will appear in the explore page and the more followers you can expect to gain.
Some tips include:

• Create a group with brands you trust and people you know
• Post links to published content in the group each time you post new content
• Have a few group guidelines in place so that everybody is on the same page

#2. Relevant Questions

People love sharing their opinions on topics that interest them. By ending off a post with a conversation starter, such as “What prints would you like to see in our next line?” or “Which is your favourite vegetarian meal option?”, you open the door for engagement and comments.
Some tips include:

• Ask questions which are brand/industry relevant
• Reply to all comments to keep the conversation flowing
• Create polls!

#3. Create a Contest which Requires Comments

Everyone loves free stuff. So create a win-win situation where you give your community a chance to win a product or service, while you receive maximum engagement on that particular post. This social media marketing engagement strategy is always a winner when it comes to gaining traction, more followers and brand awareness.
Some tips include:

• Ensure that contest entrants are required to comment on your post in order to be eligible to win
• Asking entrants to tag friends is a good way to gain extra followers
• Provide a prize that would be appealing to a wide audience

#4. Know the Best Times to post

Don’t let your content get pushed to the bottom of endless social media feed. The more people that view your post, the better chance you have in them engaging. Knowing which times and days are best for posting can help boost your engagement tremendously. Here is a list of platforms and the best times for posting, based on user statistics from CoSchedule.

Instagram– 2am, 8-9am, 5pm
Facebook– 9am, 1pm and 3pm
Twitter– 12pm, 3pm, 5pm, 6pm
LinkedIn– 7-8am, 12pm, 5-6pm

Struggling with social media marketing strategies? Let us help you engross your audience! The Weblab can help by taking care of your social media content and implementing strategies that are right for your brand. Email us for more information on our social media packages!

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