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Having an engaged audience on social media means having a following that is truly interested in your brand, and will show their interest by liking, sharing and commenting on the content that you post. That’s the dream, right? But even if you are a trustworthy brand that is posting high-quality content,...

Are you struggling to grow your e-commerce business? When it comes to having a profitable online store, you’re going to need more than just generating truckloads of traffic. Sure, you may get boatloads of visitors peeking at your store every month. But without an airtight sales strategy to make your...

There is nothing more frustrating than running an ad campaign, spending lots of time and money on it, and ending up with nothing but disappointing sales. Sadly, though, this is the fate that awaits many businesses that launch their campaigns before they are fully ready. If you’re running an ad...

In the world of online business, there is no shortage of competition. This means you need to constantly look for new SEO strategies. And our web design agency can help you there. There are well-established brands that have been around forever that have a solid customer base, and brand new startups...

If you dabble in the world of social media marketing strategy and management, you may have heard of the term ‘Facebook retargeting’.  This term refers to creating a target audience for a Facebook ad campaign, made up of people that have already shown interest in your business by visiting your...

Keeping up with online trends is crucial to keeping your brand fresh and relevant. But if you’re a busy business owner or entrepreneur, then it can be difficult to find the time to identify and research oncoming trends in your industry. Not to mention that online monitoring tools can be very expensive to...

Whew… Social media management can be tricky. With so many different platforms, advertising strategies and ways to engage with your online audience, we don’t blame you if you’ve made a few blunders… But perhaps you don’t even realise that you’ve been making them! So take in our list below, become aware...

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