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Three Of The Best Website Design Trends To Consider This Year

Website design is a process that evolves alongside technology. This means that the more advanced the technology we use becomes, the more options open up for web designers. With this evolution, trends come and go over the years. How do web design trends fit into your website? Well, they can inspire changes that contribute towards different kinds of growth. While some trends may be fleeting, others offer insight into where digital marketing platforms are headed. In this blog, we highlight some of 2020’s top trends in web design and discuss how you can use them.

On-Pulse Trend #1: A Combination Of Photography & Creative Graphics

Creating cool graphics or attaching awesome photographs to complement your written content doesn’t have to be a game of choosing one or the other. Image editing tools make it easy to merge the two, making for out-of-this-world imagery if done right. This produces unique visual components to a website.

Website design - Three Of The Best Website Design Trends To Consider This Year

On-Pulse Trend #2: A Dark Mode Feature That Allows Users To Switch Anytime

An increasing number of Internet users are gravitating toward dark themes. This is because they reduce battery power use, look stylish and modern, and are eye-friendly. This kind of feature gives web designers a platform to explore with visuals, making for more striking and memorable design.

Website design 1 - Three Of The Best Website Design Trends To Consider This Year

On-Pulse Trend #3: The Use Of More Inclusive Language In Written Content

The world is progressing in how it addresses a broad spectrum of historically touchy topics. Gender identity, disability and other factors that can be used to marginalise people are now being incorporated into website design in favour of inclusivity. Get clued up on such elements so that all kinds of online users feel welcome and acknowledged when they visit your site.

The website you start off with isn’t the website of your future. Change is the only constant in the world of website design, so you must be flexible enough to incorporate trends into your site where they are valuable for your business. If you’re not sure which trends are must-haves and which you can afford to pass on, consult with experts in the field. Call us today to get your website up to date.

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